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Seaside hotel with entertainment for children and adults

Seaside hotel with entertainment for children and adults

The Albatross is a cheerful mini-village for irresistible vacations in which children from 0 to 99 years old are the stars. And we’re along with them! Wait, let us explain why: we chose to work while having fun, putting our personality into every detail and every proposal, such as with the cotton candy cart during Saturday and Sunday check-ins, or the balloon makeup every day at the restaurant.

That’s why we involve all our guests with 12 hours of entertainment, music, appetizers and events that we love first and would love to find during a beach vacation. Come on Albatros People, let’s party!

12 hours of animation

We’re a true Family Hotel with many hours of entertainment every day: from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm at the beach, then from 12:30 pm to 10:00 pm at the hotel, including heated baby pool and mega pool, super play area with inflatables in the garden and indoor playroom also with soft play for babies. Mini Club is for all children ages 3 to 9; Junior Club is for children and teens ages 10 to 15. Animators organize entertainment activities even during meals, on the terrace right in front of the dining room.

You’re already inside the #LAPPIhour

Friends of the Albatross, here are some important dates with merriment, for all young people from 0 to 99 years old (and beyond)! The first is with the Sunday lunchtime aperitif, to get to know each other and socialize (really!); the second is with the aperitif at the Terrace Bar facing the sea, accompanied by DJ Set or live music.

Events -- with donuts

Come on, don’t say a title like that didn’t intrigue you at least a little. Here at the Albatros we also stand out in the events of the long summer nights, because we’re the only ones to organize Mojito and hot donut night! Do you find this an unusual pairing? Instead, it’s a real addictive flavor bomb: after the first round, we’re sure you’ll want the second one, too! Also, once a week don’t miss band or artist night!

There is a world to experience at Albatros Village

The pools, the local cuisine, the aperitifs, the Mini Club, the evening events: find your #LHAPPINESS here!