I love Romagna: The charm of our land, between villages and castles


The capital of holidays, boasting 15 km of equipped beaches, amusement parks and services suitable for children, 2,000 years of history and an authentic cuisine, rich in flavours.
The seaside resort is perfect to discover beginning from its historic centre, a concentration of over twenty centuries of history: the Arch of Augustus, the Malatesta Temple and the Tiberius Bridge, Castel Sismondo and the architectural treasure of the Surgeon’s House are just a few examples of Rimini’s incredible and rich cultural heritage.

Medieval villages

From Rimini, it is easy to reach the medieval villages of the inland.
Evocative places where time appears to stand still, recounting ancient myths and legends that thrill both children and adults.

Gradara and Montegridolfo

Gradara (located 40 minutes away), with the famous castle and the love story between Paolo and Francesca, narrated in the fifth canto of Dante’s Inferno.
The beautiful Montegridolfo (located less than an hour by car from the hotel), known as one of the “Most beautiful villages in Italy” and its imposing castle.

San Leo, Verucchio and San Marino

San Leo (also less than an hour away), the cradle of Montefeltro, which hosted Dante and St. Francis of Assisi and famous for having imprisoned Count Cagliostro in the fort. Verucchio, (a half hour drive from the hotel), the medieval town that revolves around its majestic Malatesta Fortress, also renowned for its archaeological findings and for its excellent cuisine. And finally, the Republic of San Marino (approximately 30 minutes away), a blend of traditions, art and folklore.